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We entered this field in 2017 and have since completed over 50 interior and architectural projects. The journey of our business has been challenging, as I lacked initial support to acquire clients and manage operations. We secured clients solely through the quality of our work, exceptional service, and innovative designs. We encountered numerous obstacles during our projects, particularly for a woman navigating tasks such as overseeing the office, staff, clients, laborers, and vendors.

Our first project in 2017 was a pivotal moment; despite not knowing the precise size of a tile, I accepted the project with a commitment to resolve any challenges that arose. Successfully completing that project led to more opportunities, with a single client entrusting us with more than 8 subsequent projects due to our service and work quality.

I strongly believe that facing small rejections has been crucial in our journey. Converting negative energy into positive drive is essential. When we initiated our company, societal pressures were immense, with gossip revolving around the worth of my efforts, financial needs, marriage expectations, and the perceived futility of my work. Surprisingly, this negativity became a catalyst for my company's growth. Despite these hurdles, we managed to complete 50+ projects in just 5 to 6 years, earning satisfied clients along the way. Looking ahead, our vision is to achieve over 200 completed projects in the next 5 years.

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At IRENIC ARCHITECTS, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future through innovative architectural design. we specialise in crafting eco-friendly and energy- efficient spaces that blend seamlessly with the natural environment while meeting the unique needs of our clients. 

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At IRENIC ARCHITECTS, we understand that workspaces are more than just physical spaces; they are places where people spend a significant amount of their time.

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IRENIC ARCHITECTS believes that the design of your commercial space is a reflec􏰀on of your brand's iden􏰀ty, values, and aspira􏰀ons.

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We offers expert design solutions, transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. Specializing in decor, furniture, and color, we bring your vision to life.