About Founder


Meet Ar. Shraddha Shirore : Our Principal Architect

Ar. Shraddha Shirore, the driving force behind our firm, stands as our principal architect. She earned her architectural stripes at the esteemed Sinhgad College of Architecture (Pune University, Class of 2016).

Diverse Projects for a Diverse World

Our project portfolio is a testament to our versatility. We've taken on residential, commercial, educational, administrative, and public buildings with equal zeal. Not stopping there, we've ventured into crafting captivating interiors for both residential and commercial spaces, and have even lent our expertise to the creation of cafes and bungalows.

The Team that Brings It All Together

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team comprises six individuals, encompassing designers, draftsmen, and a meticulous accountant. This core group synergizes to orchestrate our architectural endeavours. But that's not all; we are proud to collaborate with a vast network of over 100 skilled laborers and vendors, ensuring that our projects come to fruition with precision and excellence.

Ar.Shraddha Shirore ( Founder )