Embarking on this journey in 2017, we've traversed the terrain of interior and architectural mastery, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 50 projects. The path we tread was arduous; I was bereft of initial support for client acquisition and operational management. However, we carved our niche, attracting clients solely through the excellence of our craftsmanship, unparalleled service, and avant-garde designs. Steering the ship through the trials of project execution, I, as a woman, undertook multifarious roles, from overseeing the office to managing staff, clients, labourers, and vendors.

The genesis of our odyssey in 2017 was transformative. Despite the absence of precise tile measurements, I embraced the project with unwavering resolve, vowing to surmount any challenges that crossed our path. Triumphantly completing this venture opened doors to further opportunities, with a singular client entrusting us with not just one, but eight subsequent projects, a testament to our impeccable service and workmanship.

I ardently maintain that grappling with rejection, no matter how small, is pivotal to our voyage. Converting negative energies into a wellspring of positive motivation is paramount. In the inception of our company, societal pressures loomed large, as whispers questioned the worth of my endeavours, speculated on my financial needs, cast shadows on my marital prospects, and questioned the relevance of my labour. Astonishingly, this negativity served as a catalyst for our company's ascent. Despite these formidable obstacles, we've reached the milestone of 50+ completed projects in a mere 5 to 6 years, leaving behind a trail of satisfied clientele. Gazing into the horizon, our vision stretches towards the accomplishment of more than 200 projects in the next 5 years.


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About Irenic Architects


Formerly known as Irenic Architects, our architectural and interior design firm was founded in 2017. Our primary goal is to offer comprehensive architectural services all under one roof, including planning, design, meticulous detailing, liaison services, and the artistry of interior design.

Leading the way at IRENIC ARCHITECTS AND INTERIOR DESIGNER is the visionary Ar. Shraddha Shirore. A distinguished graduate of the renowned Sinhgad College of Architecture (Pune University, Class of 2016), she guides our team with unwavering passion and expertise.

Our extensive portfolio encompasses a wide array of projects, spanning residential and commercial spaces, educational institutions, administrative structures, and public buildings. We specialise in creating breathtaking interiors for both residential and commercial settings, extending our expertise to cafes and bungalows.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team of six includes experienced designers, meticulous draftsmen, and a proficient accountant. We coordinate the efforts of more than 100 skilled labourers and vendors, all working harmoniously to transform architectural visions into reality.

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